Getting Ready

I am assembling the group now. I have over 7 people I think. I would like to have 10. Mostly women right now, and one man has said yes. I need to ask a few more people. I am in LOVE with the ensemble. When people truly come together there is something magical in the experience. The content of this group is paramount. I have to get people who are open and will not dig their heels in when asked to try or to trust the group. THe individual must both be alone and part of a whole at the same time. If a group member is resistent it is obvious and harmful. Assembling the right group is the first step.

The first meeting is the second.


My first time.

I am directing student. I am about to graduate from undergrad, but even then I will call myself a directing student.

life under water

I wanted to start a blog because I have ideas that I want to hash out. I have ideas that I want to share in a forum where others who have similar thoughts can see them. Maybe help me. I have ideas that need to be developed and nothing is better for that than the public forum of the internet…or so I have been told. I have never been one of those people who can share their every thought online. But maybe, sharing well thought out thoughts will be easier than putting every menial bit of babble that come to mind out in public.

I am starting a Viewpoints project this semester with a group of close friends that I worked with and experimented on in the past. If you do not know what the Viewpoints are then you should look them up. The Viewpoints as developed by Anne Bogart and Tina Landau. I have been doing my best to study and practice this method for the past three years. It is a method based on ensemble work and awareness of space and body. Of course I am over simplifying it, but it is an amazing technique that brings about such honest work.

I am going to be recording the progress of this project here. As well as some other thoughts and questions. I really enjoy doing this kind of research, both academic and physical.

As a director, my artistic work within the theatre happens in rehearsal. I am not the start of the show, I do not lay myself out before a crowd. I do not get to engage in the dialogue between performer and audience. All I can do is find the story I would like to tell, the concepts and systems of human nature I would like to explore, and bring this world to my actors. My art does not lie in how I communicate with designers, or even the final look of the play. I am responsible for the concious and vivid work that is created between me and the actors. To me, the art of theatre is all in the process. The work is never done. And that is what I hope to accomplish here.