My Day Off or My Money Problem

I have a lovely day off today. During this day I am going to paint fat ladies, take down wallpaper, decorate a little bit, do some Christmas shopping and definitely wrap some presents. I will also go to the bank and put in a decent amount of money (for me anyways) before I have to give some of it away…Well sort of. I guess I am obligated to make that car payment. Great stuff Really.

But for the most part I am going to have a great day and try not to spend money. That is very hard for me. It is like I can feel the money in my pocket vibrating, ready to explode whenever I am around a pair of shoes for me, or jewelry for my mom, or any other stupid fucking thing I could possibly buy for my boyfriend, my sisters, my friends, my acquaintances. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT! I JUST WANT TO BUY CHIRSTMAS PRESENTS!!!!

It stresses me out know I have money because I want to immediately continue shopping. Its a problem. I am problem.

Hi, My name is Molly, and I am problem.

Whatever. I just want to have a good Christmas. Yesterday, my youngest sister Meave was dying to go to Walmart to buy some decorations and after she wore me and my mom down for a solid 30 minutes we gave in and did it. When I got home from work, the family room was clean, vacuumed and there were lights and mistletoes and tinsel and garland everywhere. Stockings were hung and little pinecone ornaments were marking the days till Christmas. It was pretty fucking cute.

SO much for my day off, I am going to go out and stress out….Maybe I can talk myself into a calm.


Christmas Shopping…Before Thanksgiving…and I’m Broke

Gross, I just watched a bunch of Extreme Couponers with my sisters….It makes me feel bad about live for several contradicting reasons.

I wish I could extreme coupon for Christmas. I don’t know, maybe I can. I haven’t looked.

Enough of the Pity Party!
I LOVE GIVING GIFTS! Right?! It really is awesome. I am new to this feeling, not being very old and very recently being able to buy things for people with my own money. But there are very few things that feel as good as giving a really well thought out, personal, awesome fucking gift!

My dad was/is the best gift giver I have ever known. Him and my mom don’t go so well together, but even she admits to his amazing taste in jewelry and clothing and overall appropriate gift-ness. We once gave her a necklace and earrings that was in several larger boxes, one of which was filled with golf balls. If we want you to be really excited about a gift, we make you first believe that you will never in a million god-damned years get it…so that when you do you cry, we laugh, then you laugh while hitting us and then eventually hug us. It’s a great experience! Seriously!

Now all I have to do is pass this gift on over to my boyfriend so I can feel the love too. Our first Christmas while living together. He won’t even know what hit him.