Now how does that make you feel?

Yes I go to a therapist. I wear that proudly. And if you do too, right on man!

I truly dislike when people call it a shrink or any other dismissive name and refuse to entertain the idea that they themselves could very likely benefit from one too.

I do not have any major psychological trauma or any condition which requires professional help. But I know that there are times when I cannot, on my own, work my way through my feelings, thoughts, and general psychic chaos that I really and truly need unbiased, educated help. What I see in someone who chooses to see a therapist is someone who takes time to work on themselves and think about the way their mind and body work.

I think about how I go through life all of the time. It is basically constant (it may even get in the way occasionally) but I wouldn’t stop even if you asked me to. If I wasn’t working on myself, who would?

Not to mention it is totally interesting! I mentioned before that I took one of those personality tests which just shined a light on a little more truth of myself. Some things that I did not want to admit.

I know that I am not 100% who I want to be. Some of that I can change and grow and become…and the rest? Well I am just shit out of luck, because I have to learn to accept some of the shit that I do as essentially part of me. No I am not made of stone and I could entirely change over time – who knows. But for right now, I am going to have to accept that I get bored with small projects…and I probably always will. I will not just keep my house clean and I will never just do it without thinking about it- I will have to work at being organized and neat. Sometimes I am selfish and sometimes I am wrong and I need to know that just admitting it does not make it ok, but accepting it and apologizing for it – that can help.

These are things I think about when I am thinking about myself. These are things that I work on with my therapist. These are important to my emotional and mental health and growth as a member of the human race.

What work have you done lately?


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  1. Perspective Collector
    Nov 20, 2013 @ 06:03:11

    This is awesome!
    May I ask which personality test you took and what you came out as and how it shed light?
    I benefited so much when I learnt about MBTI and my personality type. Like SO MUCH. When I introduced it to people, many of them got light bulb moments too.
    I was able to change things I didn’t like, and accept the things that were just me – not good or bad, but I thought they were bad. And I could go on forever.


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