Seriously though!

People like to talk about what they personally do: “I treat everyone the same.” “Sometimes it is entertainment for entertainment’s sake…” blah blah blah

I am sorry but there are a couple of things that you have to consider when you are an artist of any type. I do not care which side of the fence you are on as long as you have considered the following: (a) that as an artist  do you or do you not have a responsibility to support the principles for the kind of world you would like to live in? and (b) main stream or wide spread art (pop culture), does it or does it not depict the basic values of our society and do they or do they not have any sway in what those values can evolve into?

In my experience artists, the ones that you respect and support, tend to be intelligent with a sense of the world and a set of principles of their own. Whether or not they are stubborn, loose, or open about those principles is another issue. But! responsibility should not be beyond these people. And even if you are an artist that is against the establishment, against personal responsibility as a value, those are the kinds of messages that you are sending with your art and in that you are trying to sway your society to your point of view. This is not a negative thing. Art reflects, comments, and attempts to affect its surrounding society and that IS NOT A BAD THING! Entertainment for entertainment’s sake does not actually exist. No matter what sitcom you are watching you are watching a depiction of the values of that culture under a comedic, often ridiculing lens! Thought goes into the creation of those things! Even when escapism was a thing it was reflective of its culture, which was usually going through really difficult times. We do not like art (tv shows, movies, plays, books, cartoons) that are thrown together with no intent! It is not in our nature to like mindless things, at least that is the hope.

Let me know what you think? Am I wrong? Am I right? Am I off base completely? I had a very interesting/frustrating conversation with someone who refused to recognize the wider impact of things like sitcoms or trashy (yet best selling novels). Wide spread makes a difference. Art makes a difference. Should we be responsible for the difference it makes or no? Is it out of our hands? I am wondering?


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